Defne Hall


Bof Hotels

The 29-storey Bof Hotels in Atasehir, our standard, deluxe, queen, family and king suite rooms are decorated with 200 carefully meticulously decorated land and sea views.
Peaceful Meetings

The bay lounge, which can be arranged for different purposes; 50 people in the banquet, 40 people in the classroom and 60 people in the theater. The block can accommodate up to 30 people in low-attendance meetings where options such as table level and U level can be used. With its 85 square meter hall size and 150 square meter foyer area, it provides a prestigious event service with its meeting room, rich service and coffee break presentations.

Size of the salon: 85 square meters

The size of the terrace: 55 square meters

Foyer area: 150 square meters

Class: 50 person

Theater: 40 person

U Rank: 60 person

Block Table: 30 person