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Our 29-storey hotel offers a pleasant stay with its city and sea views that accompany its aesthetic designs, and it serves with 200 suite rooms. Inspired by the perfect harmony of comfort and aesthetics, all of our rooms are enriched with carefully selected furniture and kitchen equipment.
Feel at home

The King Suites are designed in three different ways: "Islands", "Marmara" and "Maiden's Tower." Our rooms are very luxurious and widely use

Our suite room, which consists of 2 rooms and a wardrobe, is 133 square meters wide. The Family Suite, which has a bedroom with a French bed

Queen Suite enriched with kitchen equipment such as refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher to make you feel at home with your long term s

Unlike the standard suite rooms, there is a master suite and a dressing room. Deluxe Suite Our rooms are 55 square meters wide. Open designe

Standard Suite with 45 square meters in size accommodates up to three people. A separate bedrooms and open kitchens; mini bar, microwave, st

The Presidential Office, which has the 24th floor and the roof floor architectural plan, is 900 m2 and consists of 2 bedrooms + 7 rooms. (Li