Congress Center

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The Convention Center, which has meeting rooms organized for various events and event organizations, ensures that our guests are welcomed in a quality manner.
Peaceful Meetings

Çınar Hall, which was designed using high-tech audio and visual systems; 100-person banquet, 100-person classroom, 120-person theater, 120-p

The Sedef Hall, which can be arranged for different needs for different activities; 15 in the classroom, 20 in the theater, 20 in the U and

Erguvan Hall, which can be changed as required, is equipped with state-of-the-art audio and video systems and provides a strong multimedia s

The Sedir Hall, which allows small organizations and meetings to be realized with a 35 square meter hall width, comes to the forefront with

It is hosted by prestigious organizations with 55 square meters of smoking area and 125 square meters of spacious living room with daylight.

The Adenium Hall, which has a foyer area of ​​150 square meters, as well as a 150 square meter room size, serves our guests with a 55 square

The bay lounge, which can be arranged for different purposes; 50 people in the banquet, 40 people in the classroom and 60 people in the thea

Mango Hall, which can be arranged according to different needs and meeting types, has 20 people in banquet and classroom layout, 25 people i

The 55-square-meter Ebony hall, which makes the meeting more enjoyable with a smoking and terrace with city views; rich coffee break present

Equipped with high-tech audio and visual systems, Laden Hall provides powerful multimedia support to presentations, while a 55 square meter