9,2 km


It is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul. It is the most important point of the Anatolian side and has a very important position in terms of transportation due to the connection of many districts.

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22,3 km


Located in the center of Istanbul and easily accessible from the Eurasia tunnel is the place where the most famous mosque of the city. It is very popular with shops, restaurants and hotels due to being one of the stops of tourists.

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3,5 km

Brandium Ataşehir

Brandium Ataşehir, planned as a living space beyond an AVM; It is planned as a new meeting point which increases the value of the environment. It is preferred to meet everyday needs and have a good time.

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5 km

Palladium Ataşehir AVM

One of the indispensable addresses of shopping, luxury and fun, Palladium Ataşehir Shopping Mall; It is one of the most popular shopping centers of Anatolian side. It is a meeting place that increases the value of the city.

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35,6 km

Atatürk Airport

Where it started Ataturk Airport is one of Turkey's first air transport where the airports of the world's busiest passenger traffic. Since our country is the busiest airport, daily flights to many destinations are made directly.

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23,7 km

Sabiha Gökçen Airport

The airport located on the Anatolian side of Pendik county welcomes a large number of passengers every day. With increasing number of flights, it has a growing number of passengers and air traffic in recent years.

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4 km


With its extraordinary design and concept, it is the heart of Ataşehir and has different activities, serving children's areas, restaurants suitable for your taste, adventure packs and sports centers.

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